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High quality battings for your quilts and bags. Shipping is limited to the Midwest via Speedee. See if you're in the right Zip Code here.
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Fashion Fuse #400


Heirloom Fusible Blended Batting Strips


Perfect Loft Fiber Fill


Dream Cotton Crib Request


Dream Cotton Crib Select


Dream Cotton Double Request


Dream Cotton Double Select


Dream Cotton King Request


Dream Cotton King Select


Dream Cotton Queen Request


Dream Cotton Queen Select


Dream Cotton Throw Request


Dream Cotton Throw Select


Dream Cotton Twin Request


Dream Cotton Twin Select


Dream Poly Double Request


Dream Poly Crib Request


Dream Poly Crib Select


Dream Poly Double Select


Dream Poly King Request


Dream Poly King Select


Dream Poly Queen Requst


Dream Poly Queen Select


Dream Poly Throw Requst


Dream Poly Throw Select


Dream Poly Twin Request


Dream Poly Twin Select


Quilters Dream Blend Twin


Soft and Stable 72x58