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Grubers Longarm Offerings


Your batting and backing must be a minimum of 3" bigger than your quilt top ON ALL SIDES. If your backing is too short it will either be returned to you or we will piece muslin to it at a cost of $15 per seam. If your quilt top is 60"x70", your backing should be 66"x76" or larger. We do not keep trimmings, they go back home with you.

Designs & Threads

We only offer edge to edge quilting at 2 cents per square inch, no custom quilting or free motion. We have a wide range of designs from the very simple meander to dense florals and modern geometrics. With over 150 thread colors and thousands of patterns available, if you can think it, we can probably quilt it.


All batting offered at Gruber's is by Quilter's Dream and is priced per yard. Standard batting width on the roll is 93" unless otherwise marked.

100% Cotton Select (midloft) in natural ($8) or white ($9)
100% Cotton Request (lowloft) in natural ($7) or white ($8)
80/20 Cotton/Poly Select (midloft) in natural ($7) or white ($8)

120" 100% Cotton Select in natural ($10)

For packaged options like 100% polyester, wool, or black batting, please stop in or call the store for more information.

PLEASE NOTE that at this time, due to Covid related factory shut downs, 100% bleached white cotton batting is difficult to come by and is taking an unusually long time to ship, therefore we have a limited amount in store. It can be special ordered but there is no guarantee on shipping time. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional Services & Fees 

We also offer the following extra services for finishing your quilts:

Full quilt pressing: $10 for baby up to $30 for king.
Completed quilt trim: $5 for baby up to $30 for king.
If you need the quilt returned within 7 days of drop off, there is a minimum of $25 rush charge.
We will piece your backings for $10 per seam, however we do not piece cuddle fabric, cotton only.

Minor repairs of a quilt, such as a popped seam or small rip, will be a minimum $5 charge per each repair.
There will also be a minimum $5 charge for the removal of excess threads.

Feel free to call us with any questions at 320-259-4360 or bring your top to the shop; we can also take take quilts via curbside delivery.