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About Gruber's Quilt Shop

Gruber’s Quilt Shop is a family-owned business in central Minnesota that indulges the needs of people that love to quilt, knit, craft and be creative. There are thousands of fabric bolts from which to choose as well as a room devoted specifically to knitting. You can find a wide variety of books, patterns, thread and notions—and the store is loaded with sample projects that provide plenty of inspiration. Gruber’s also offers a multitude of classes that provide the learning of new skills as well as great camaraderie.

Sue Gruber—the woman behind Gruber’s Quilt Shop—can remember first quilting at age five, and it was her grandmother who gave her lessons. “We all made yo-yos,” she recalls. “She was a very primitive quilter and used up what she had—very utilitarian.”

Sue opened Gruber’s Quilt Shop in a 4,000 sq. ft. building in Genola, MN that also housed a grocery store, gas station, and her dad’s meat market which was known far and wide for its smoked meats. Sue remembers how “everything smelled fabulous.”

Eventually, Sue and her brother put that building on the market and in 1998, she brought Gruber’s to downtown St. Cloud. She then opened a shop in Waite Park, and for a time, she served her growing clientele from two locations.

In 2000, the Waite Park mall property was for sale and Sue had the opportunity to buy it. When she was looking to name the property she’d bought across the street from her mall property, she threw out the question to her staff, of women and men, who are more like family than employees. The next morning, one of them suggested “DanTree Court,” in honor of Danielle, Teresa, and Courtney Poser, Sue’s three daughters. The name perfectly embodied family and business.

Speaking of her staff, Sue beams when the subject is mentioned. “I have never advertised for anyone to come to work here,” she says. “I just start praying. I have the most amazing staff. We are very, very blessed.”

For 30+ years, Gruber’s has unquestionably been a mainstay in the quilt fabric business. But when you meet Sue, it’s quickly apparent, she is also in the “people” business. “I have had the joy of meeting people from around the world,” she says. In that time, she’s listened to their stories, perhaps not remembering names, but for Sue, it’s “the quilt, or the story. I remember a quilting project a customer told me about five years ago,” she says. “I love all of my customers. They are friends.”

Sue has no office at Gruber’s; she’s always on the floor. “I almost never eat lunch alone,” she says.” I get to meet a lot of husbands. We built this whole courtyard for husbands.”

For Sue, and legions of quilters, the quilting experience is all about sharing. “It probably goes back to my grandmother,” she says. “She shared everything.”

We hope to see you someday soon at Gruber’s Quilt Shop…happy creating!